Varbena Herb - 5 Of The Best And Reliable benefits Of Varbena Herb

Verbena herb -Verbena Benefits For Health

  Verbena Herb Characterized by unsustainable drought and Bear sunlight, Contain Over 255 
species and is Grow Much In Asia And Also We Find Some Species in America ,  also one of the favorable specie for me is in the North Africa (Morocco ; Algeria ; Tunisia  ) and this is the place when i live .

    Verbena Herb (vervain ,Sissinghurst , Tenerife , V. orcuttiana , Lemon Verbena , Swamp Verbena ... ) but the Scientific name is  (Aloysia triphylla), this herb Belong to Verbénacée Family , They  are appreciated in gardening butterflies in suitable climates .

 We use it in tea give tea a Good Flavor ,  used to add a lemony flavor to fish , salad dressings,  puddings and beverages we can use Verbena Herb also like a Incense , Verbena Herbs  have also a wonderful and much benefits We'll talk about 5 of the best and reliable benefits of verbena herb in The rest of the article .

 5 Of The Best And Reliable benefits Of Verbena Herb :

1 - Help digestion : if you Suffer from indigestion ,  upset stomach and bloating  , Verbena Herb Help you to finish suffering From these Intestinal problems , in a hot glass of water add some leaves of Verbena Herb and add 2 spoon of water if you dont have any problem  with sugar , if you have do not use it ; No Problem !! Believe in Verbena tea and drink a glass in the finish of any dish You  feel comfort .
2- Boosts the Immune System : Scandinavian researchers of herbs benefits find in 2012 after many Lengthy analysis share in The “Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports” verbena Herb is so helpful for Boost the immune system , stronger white blood cells and attributed to the antioxidant properties This indicates that they attributed to the antioxidant properties .

3- Help To reduce Fever:   essential oil of   verbena leaves in tea  Historically knowing with his Ability to reduce Fever , encourages sweating and promote the healing of inflammatory conditions, with reducing fever Verbena Herb is a good Warrior of colds .

4- Fight Insomnia And calm nerves : in this part i want to talk about My own experience with Verbena Herb , when i can not able to sleep In the recent past I use the pills to help me sleep but the Symptoms is so bad , one day my friend to  give me some leaves of verbena herb .
I prepared a cup of verbena with hot water and am drink it , I was surprised with the Effect of this plant am sleeping  Quickly with no thinking about any subject , and am feeling a great convenience after a Tiring day of work .

5- Relaxing with Verbena Herb in jacuzzi : If You love to take your shower in jacuzzi i advice you to mix your water with leaves of Verbena Herb is so helpful for relaxing and calming nerves ; with the wonderful Smell you Feel comfortable .

Advice of The Healing Herbs :
 Generally talk to with a doctor before using any herbs , vitamins  and health supplements , women who are pregnant or nursing should not take this or any other herb without first contacting their physician.

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