Foti-ti Benefits - Foti-ti herb health benefits and information’s

Fo-ti benefitsWhat is FO-ti plant? , Where does it grow? 

In this article I want to talk about Fo-ti herb, give you some information’s about this herb and Fo-ti Benefits for health, Foti-ti is a very popular Chinese herb, known also He Shou Wu, Hoshouwu, Polygonum, radix polygoni multiflori, Zhihe-Shou-Wu, Renouée, Multiflora Preparata, Chinese flowery knotweed and many other synonyms, Is one of the herbs classified with system of major tonic herbs.

 Foti-ti Grown much in china also Taiwan and Japan Care grow this plant, Strange thing in this herb have Roots form like human, Foti-ti has been discovered Before 3000 years in china, well-known story talk about Sterile person Advised him using Fo-ti herb, After a period Begotten a child Also helped him To live long To 130 years, is well-known story you can just search.

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Foti-ti Benefits
Foti-ti Benefits - Foti-ti herb health
benefits and information’s
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Fo-ti benefits- What are the Fo-ti Benefits and  the medicinal benefits of Fo-ti herb?
Fo-ti herb It was called old “the Elixir of Life” because is an anti-aging Help prolong life and slow the aging of vital organs “Ages in God's hands”.
 Fo-ti contains lectins it is a sugar-protein Help to prevent heart disease, reduce levels of fat, it has been used to lower blood pressure  , help strengthen the membranes of red blood cells and nourish blood.
Fo-ti benefits is can help to strengthen the back , neurasthenia , traumatic bruises and the treatment of rheumatism, Fo-ti herb is one of the Effective herbs That helps To treat hair loss and also Restore the black color of the hair.
One study has shown recently that the roots of Fo-ti contain compounds Have health benefits for blood vessels and strengthen the work of the heart.
Fo-ti benefits is can be very helpful for Cancer Treatment because is contain high concentrations of the antioxidant resveratrol Which Help fight inflammation also help to regulate and reproduction cells and prevents uncontrolled cell reproduction.
Fo-ti benefit is anti-progestational, decreases blood coagulability, cardiotonic, hypotensive, sedative, anti-tumour, anti-pyretic, improve liver and kidney functions.
Fo-ti benefits is very beneficial for the nerves, Helps to sleep in night,

 Advice of The Healing Herbs :

 Generally talk to with a doctor before using any herbs , vitamins  and health supplements , women who are pregnant or nursing should not take this or any other herb without first contacting their physician.

Article writing By : Aouras Mehdi

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