Artemisia Herb - The Best Traditional Healing Herb

  Actually, Artemisia wormwood ; vulgaris ; capillaries or other names but is the same herb , is very important medicinal plant  , we find it much in Atlas Mountains Of Morocco ; his Name with Moroccan language  SHIBA ; It should not be confused with "common wormwood" which is another plant altogether.

 Artemisia Herb - The Best Traditional
Healing Herb 
 Artemisia Herb belongs to Asteraceae family And It is made up of more 450 Type ;   absinthium  plant (although some varieties are used as a hallucinogenic) , is very aromatic and give the green tea a wonderful Taste .  

""" I advice you just Washed well the Artemisia Herb After To Use It In Tea Or in any Another uses""" .

-Artemisia Is A Good Healing Herb

 Artemisia is traditionally herb used  for help Soothing the inflammation of intestinal tissues and is so good for Treatment  Malaria .

 helpful for eliminate parasites ; Being a cholagogue, it empowers the generation and discharge of bile and other digestive juices into the stomach , ""if you want to use the oil of Artemisia Herb i advice you to take extremely low doses""

 And after your lunch or your dinner the best think is Prepare a cup or jug of green tea Mixed with Artemisia herb " jug if you want to drink it with the Moroccan way LOOL " the tea help you much for digestion with a simple and healthy way ! in the finish of the article i give you the best way to prepare this Aromatic and beneficial tea .

Artemisia Herb is rich in volatile oil , The oil of Artemisia " volatile oil " is an anti-helmitic , cholagogue , Deodorant , help women's  For the prevention of uterine tumors and also Artemisia Herb help to cure and protect of  Traditional cancer ,Febrifuge because Artemisia herb kill microbes and inhibit their growth  
That helps
 to double the fever .
How to prepare Artemisia Tea ? Is Very Easy And Take Just 10 Minutes  !

-Heat a half liter of water in jug.

 jug of Green Tea With Artemisia Herb 

-After 5 Minutes Add 2 spoon Of Green Tea " Good Quality Of Green Tea use just two spoon , if Just A simple Quality Add 3 spoons " and reduce Fire for the green tea Stews well .

-Add 2 Big Spoon And ounce of sugar "" SUGAR IS VOLUNTARY"

- Give your tea 5 Minutes Or 10 Minutes if you want it with Strong taste,  

-In The Finish Washed well just two Leaves  of  Artemisia Herb and add it in your Jug of Green tea " dont add plus of two leaves because Artemisia herb have a Strong flavor .

Advice of The Healing Herbs :
 Generally talk to with a doctor before using any herbs , vitamins  and health supplements , women who are pregnant or nursing should not take this or any other herb without first contacting their physician.

Thanks you for learning and see you Soon With a Another Healing Herb - Mehdi Aouras Moroccan Researcher About Herbs - Bye 


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