Elderberry benefits: good Healing Herb

European black elderberry fruit
European black elderberry fruit (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
 Elderberry Benefits: Information’s:

 Discovered for the first time in North America, Later spread in Europe, Asia and North Africa Especially I find it much in the Atlas Mountains from Morocco In the spring time, It is similar to Bilberry In Figure And Color but the their size is small of Bilberry.

 Elderberry herb has been used since ancient in Beverage industry, Prepare delicious dishes, tea and Healing Diseases, Nowadays Still used Elderberry For the same purposes and with Research and development Scientists check They are good , Useful and Help cure many diseases.

Elderberry also known as (Canadensis), elder flower, European Elderberry, Baises de Sureau, Fruit de Sureau, Tagzaz, Arbre de Judas, Elderberries, Black Elder… and other names.

Elderberry Benefits: What are the vitamins and minerals they contain Elderberry?

Elderberry herb Known as is a good resource of Vitamin C contain also vitamins E, vitamins A, Calcium, high in polyphones, proteins, Also contain carotenoids and flavonoids, Each one of this component have a role for Protect the body and Healing.

Elderberry Benefits: Treatment and protection:

Elderberry is a good Healing Herb, The most common Elderberry benefits is so helpful for colds, flu(influenza), hay fever, Protect and strengthen immune system. Elderberry is advantageous to reduce the bad cholesterol and reducing low-density lipoprotein And this Limits the problem of atherosclerosis .

Elderberry benefit is can be a good way for preventing and treating upper respiratory infections, new studies discovered they help to ease swelling of mucous membranes, Elderberry help also for Healing Bacterial sinusitis , Elderberry Been used in the past for to relieve pain .

Elderberry Benefits: How to use them ?

If you suffer from colds, flu (influenza) and you want protect your immune system I advise you and about the experience to use Elderberry syrup, you can prepared a delicious jam with berries, take the leafs or flowers and Prepare useful and healthy Tea, search in net and find how to prepare Elderberry lemonade, You can add in the pastries and dishes, is so delicious and It has many benefits . To another article God willing.
             Advice of The Healing Herbs :

 Generally talk to with a doctor before using any herbs , vitamins  and health supplements , women who are pregnant or nursing should not take this or any other herb without first contacting their physician.
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