Ashitaba benefits - Health benefits and medical benefits

Ashitaba (Photo credit: Joi)
Source of Ashitaba is island of Hachijo Japan ,  is a lush green herb , the Ashitaba  also named dong quai , this herb contain  much medicinal benefits , in japan They utilization In many of the dishes the most popular , Ashitaba is health treasure . Ashitaba benefits

this plant contains  high levels of Vitamins , B12 , Vitamin C , contains the Protein , Calcium , Potassium , glycosides, Saponins , fibers , 13 types of minerals . 

Ashitaba benefits - Health benefits

Ashitaba  Improvement the appetite, can be help to eliminates the toxins from the body ,Ashitaba is dietary treasure , suppresses acid secretion ,  ashitiba tea is good idea can help to lose weight  and this plant give you more energy in your exercise , Ashitaba benefits  help to  increase attention span and concentration . 

Ashitaba benefits - medical benefits

The analysis confirmed that the ashitaba contain many benefits medicinal ,utilised beautify the skin an hair ,  useful in treating menstrual cramps and pains , Anti-cancer for lungs , 
Regulates blood sugar levels , also used as a tool to reduce cholesterols level , help you to stay younger also regulates blood pressure , ashitiba tea good  Chronic Fatigue  and is an excellent source of antioxidants and is suitable for all ages . Ashitaba benefits - ashitiba tea

Ashitaba benefits - I personally i love this herb in tea and some time in dish , and I hope that you also prepare tea Ashitaba , And enjoy the benefits . 

                                         Get Your Ashitaba Tea And Enjoy
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