Fennel Benefits - Fennel informations,uses and health benefits

Fennel in my garden
Fennel in my garden (Photo credit: vbecker)
Fennel benefits – Information’s About Fennels herb.

Fennels or “Foeniculum vulgare” is a member of the family Apiaceae such as dill and caraway, is a species in the genus Foeniculum, Their leaves like Dill herb leaves, in the spring grow her very small yellow flowers, many people do not differentiate between them and anise.

Fennel Exist much in the Mediterranean because she likes dry soil existing near the coasts and along rivers, the most important producers and growers of Fennel In the first place is India with 120,000 Tonnes per year Followed by Mexico with 50,000 tonnes per year and We also find China with 40,000 tonnes per year, Morocco, Egypt, Iran is also Produce Fennel herb.

Fennel Benefits – Uses of Fennel (you can use the leaves and the fruit!)

Fennels Contain a wonderful smell, Classified with vegetables That are used frequently in salad, is crunchy and slightly sweet, Is closely linked with Italian cuisine.

Sautéed fennel and onions is a good Side dish you can prepare it, healthy and so beneficial, sliced fennel with lettuce and tomato is a traditional salad and is the Best for me personally.

The leaves of Fennel give the food delicious flavour and when mixed with Culinary or ashitaba herb you will enjoy with a fantastic taste in your dish.

Is also a good healing herb, one of the best Fennel benefits is can help for Cure many diseases and protect the body from many health problems .

Fennel benefits – The best Medicinal benefits and health benefits of Fennel herb.

Fennel contain high levels of Vitamin C, good source of Fibers, Potassium and manganese; Fennel benefits is also contain good ratios of Copper, Calcium, Iron, Vitamin A , Vitamin B and vitamin B3.

The best Medicinal benefits of Fennel is help to reduce elevated cholesterol levels , Fennel seeds and powder can be helpful for healing the   respiratory conditions such bronchitis, cough and congestion .

 other good fennel benefits is contain the Fibers Which assists  removes potentially carcinogenic toxins from the colon, Helps in digestion, bloating and cramps , fennel benefits is help to protect the eyes from inflammation,  macular degeneration and  help to reduce disorders related to premature aging.

Advice of The Healing Herbs :

 Generally talk to with a doctor before using any herbs , vitamins  and health supplements , women who are pregnant or nursing should not take this or any other herb without first contacting their physician.
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