Health benefits of rosemary

Rosemary sprigs on bush
Rosemary sprigs on bush (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Informations About Rosemary :

Rosemary or (Rosmarinus officinalis) is a herb native to the Mediterranean area, belong the mint family members, we have four types of Rosemary: Type grows in some places in Africa like Maghreb Arab in North Africa Called (Rosmarinus eriocalyx), (Rosmarinus officinalis) is type grow in Greek and This is the type Which we will talk It, There are two others.

Is a shrub always green categorized by a good smell, the length of Rosemary Shrub Up to 2 Green leaves Ranging in length Between 2 To 5 Cm , they appear purple , white or pink Flowers in summer , Spring and in Places which is characterized by temperate climates Plus wonderful smell .

 Can grinding Rosemary Leaves for to get a powder Can be added in everyday dishes, Can also added in roast lamb, chicken and many other Recipes, give a wonderful flavour and can be used Rosemary Leaves To prepare a beneficial Tea  Especially If combined it  with ashitaba Leaves .

Vitamins And Minerals:

Health benefits of rosemary is contain A good percentage of vitamin A,vitamin C, contain also folic acid,pyridoxine, riboflavin,contain high levels of folates It is important To prevent neural tube defects For newborn babies, contain much minerals like Potassium,calcium,magnesium, iron,copper.

What are the best Health benefits of rosemary ?

Health benefits of rosemary
Advice of The Healing Herbs :

 Generally talk to with a doctor before using any herbs , vitamins  and health supplements , women who are pregnant or nursing should not take this or any other herb without first contacting their physician.

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