Did You Know These Things About Your Everyday Tea That Make It a Super Drink?

For many (OK, almost every tea drinker is included in this) tea is more than a beverage. It's a practice that has been around for thousands of years. A way that leads you to a whole new yet familiar world where you can unwind, relax and freshen up yourself. No other drink, not even your fizzy beer and favorite soda, can warm you up and chill you out at the same time the way tea does. And, all this is irrespective of the brew you choose, whether it's all natural green tea or some herbal infusion.
Feels good to hear so many good things about your everyday cup of brew? Well, we have a few more positive facts about tea that you may not be aware of already. Let's take a glance at these particulars to make your tea drinking experience more enjoyable and satisfying.
The Obvious Calmness
Delicious Cup Of Green Tea
A little cup of tea gives your day a good start, makes you feel refreshed and stimulated. Thanks to caffeine in your tea, which boosts mental focus and concentrate. L-Athenian is also a constituent that alleviates stress and fills up vitality and energy in your body.
Weight Control
Have you been advised to drink green tea by your concerned friends, co-workers or neighbors? We assume, you're on a weight loss agenda. When it comes to keeping your weight in check, green tea does work wonders. It increases metabolism and promotes fat oxidation and even alleviates insulin activity.
More than fitness
Drinking tea has long been associated with good health and fitness. However, besides its "health booster" image, what many of you may not know is tea helps combat varied medical conditions and ailments. Diabetes, cholesterol, heart disease, depression, tooth decay, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's (intellectual disabilities), and even blindness are among several conditions that tea has been reported to help with.
How to take it?
Fortunately or unfortunately, black tea isn't the only kind of the refreshing drink you can enjoy today. Besides green and lemon tea, which are quite popular among fitness enthusiasts, you may enjoy a wide variety in the market including white, black tea, oolong tea, fruit and herbal tea and other exotic blends. However, regardless of their unique flavors and ingredients, all the kinds are considerably reinvigorating and delicious whether served hot or cold.
How much?
Honestly, no tea drinker would be satisfied with one cup a day and it won't also be helpful in experiencing all related gains and benefits. While 3-4 cups of tea are enough to stimulate and boost health, those sensitive to caffeine or incurring certain medical conditions including pregnant women, are advised to consult their GP to discuss about tea consumption.
For the rest, nothing can beat a cup of tea when you're having a stressful, hectic day or say, in general.

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