Best Dandelion benefits for health

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  In Healing Herbs We'll talk about Dandelion herb is a yellow flower , but have a smell is foul Slightly and contain inside a substance white like milk cleave if you touch him and bitter taste , this herb grow in many places in the world with much species , you can found  North America , Europe , many countries in Asia also you can found in North Africa .
   Dandelion benefits for health is can help in healthy problems and give the body many vitamins and minerals; you can benefit yourself with this herb.

  Other names of Dandelion: Taraxacum officinale  Lion's tooth, Swine's snout, Priest's crown, Taraxacum vulgar...

  Dandelion benefits , Vitamins and minerals

  Dandelion benefits is contain many types of minerals such Potassium , Zinc , Iron , Magnesium , Manganese , Selenium and Sodium , you can to find in this herb flower Cryptoxanthin-b , Lutein-zeaxanthin , Carotene-a and Carotene-b .

  The best part is the Vitamins , It contains Vitamin A , Vitamin B ,Vitamin C , E , K , Pantothenic acid , Folate , Riboflavin , Protein , Thiamine , and Pyridoxine , I think this is all vitamins , minerals and  Phytonutrients existing in Dandelion .

   Dandelion benefits For Health

  Can help in health problems , and reduce many diseases and also help to healing , one of the best Dandelion benefits is for problems of Kidney , is a diuretic and this help for expulsion toxins , excess water and the salt this benefit is so good for protect the urinary system of microbial growth .

  Good Dandelion benefits is can help to reduce stress because is contain Vitamin B and we know the rule of vitamin b for minimized the stress , depression and anxiety ,  this herb is a resource of calcium , this is good to build strong bones and can lower blood pressure .

  Other Dandelion benefits is fighting cancers because contain Vitamin A , helps keep blood pressure down and reduces risks of strokes , Dandelion benefits also is keeping the blood sugar level low for diabetic patients , useful in treating skin diseases such ringworm , eczema , itches and other problems of skin , Weight Loss and many other benefits.

  In this article I’m talking about the very Known Dandelion benefits, I no like give you any information’s , Known and reliable , my advice Always is : Generally talk to with a doctor before using any herbs , vitamins  and health supplements , women who are pregnant or nursing should not take this or any other herb without first contacting their physician.

 "If you have any other Dandelion benefits for health you can written in comment" .
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