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Wormwood A plant with narcotic affects, Wormwood or ‘Artemisia Absinthium’, is also identified as green ginger herb . Wormwood is a Mediterranean perennial natural herb or a shrubby plant from the Aster family. can be found growing in many parts of Europe, Asia, and northern Africa.  found as an ingredient in  liquors  from absinthe, or separately known as wormwood bitters , 

many Wormwood benefits !!!

Wormwood benefits, are anti-inflammatory and minimize fevers, and the herb was utilized in ancient times as an emmenagogue , Wormwood benefits is also applied to treat fever, worm infections ,  liver disease, as a tonic ,  to stimulate sweating .

wormwood tea - more Wormwood benefits  ;  A number of the health benefits associated with wormwood tea include its ability to help in digestion , Wormwood tea also can help enhance the body's immune program and treat the liver ,wormwood tea  contains compounds known to stimulate digestion by supporting liver and gallbladder function The tea and  as well as improve the hunger . wormwood tea can be utilized by many women for regulating periods, however, pregnant and nursing women have to avoid wormwood. Wormwood benefits

utilized for gastritis,fever, asthenia, pneumonia, flu,  intoxications , infections with Giardia and contains vitamins B6 and C ,   helps in treating gall bladder problems , The plant can also be effective as a cardiac stimulant. Wormwood benefits - The herb  helps prevent tumors and Wormwood helps disperse or absorb a tumor or any other coagulated fluid in case of skin diseases. In addition, it acts as cleanser .


overdoses can cause headaches and inflammations on the gastric mucous membrant and nerve damage . it is recommended that people should only use just simpl dosage . 
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